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Welcome to the Future of Tribology

Powertrib is an innovative knowledge creating company involved in consultancy and new testing principles and methodologies in the field of tribology, an emerging science, concerned with the study of interacting surfaces in relative motion, and includes the phenomena of friction, lubrication and wear.

Powertrib was established in 2008 in Oxford, UK.

At Powertrib, we offer a complete set of tribology test methods in order to provide the industry with a range of screening methods for various applications. Our test capacities comprise of leading-edge tribology testing apparatus.

Our Mission is to develop and promote novel tribology test methodologies, which have tangible benefits for our customers, improve design of lubricants and materials for enhanced performance, energy efficiency and lower emissions.

Key Advantage of Powertrib is the expertise in fundamental tribology phenomena, combined with a wide understanding and experience of application requirements in wide range of industry sectors.

Customer Focus. We assist our customers to improve their understanding of performance of their products, reduce development time and cost.

The Perfect Tribology Partner

  • Unique approach and complete solutions
  • Experimental excellence
  • Full project support - Research and Develpoment from start to finish
  • Customer focus and flexibility - short and long term projects
  • Providing the competitive edge
  • Providing the communication tool between designer and formulator
  • Commercialy available and transferable test methods
  • No downtime for customer’s test rigs and resources
  • Test instruments, methods and methodologies are constantly updated, developed and improved

Key Activities

  • Contract Testing
  • Complete Screening for Tribological Performance
  • Development of New Tribology Screener Test Methods
  • Consultancy Services and Assistance
  • Seminars and Training

Core Competencies

  • Friction and wear of lubricants
  • Friction and wear of coatings and thin films
  • The effect of additives on lubrication
  • Characterisation of rubbed surfaces
  • Screening for fuel economy performance of engine and gear oils
  • Performance mapping of engine oils
  • Performance mapping of gear oils

Last events

Jan 12

Powertrib at 20th International Colloquium Tribology Conference

Powertrib is presenting on the new test principles and test methodologies for wind turbine gear oils at the 20th International Colloquium Tribology - Industrial and Automotive Lubrication, 12–14 January 2016 in Stuttgart / Ostfildern, Germany. Read more

May 15

Powertrib at STLE 2016 Annual Meeting & Exhibition

Powertrib will be presenting at the STLE 71st Annual Meeting & Exhibition, 15–19 May 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Read more